What is the Fit Access program?

Our flagship program is a holistic approach to fitness to help you achieve the best and fittest version of yourself! You’ll receive high-quality fitness coaching, daily workout programs, nutrition guidance and 24/7 support all throughout your program.

Your program is customized and unique only to you, based on your goals and fitness needs, as assessed by our team of fitness and wellness coaches.

What do I get out of the Fit Access program?

Your Fit Access program includes:

  • One-on-one training with your personal coach
  • Customized training program and calendar
  • FREE fitness consultation and assessment
  • Customized meal plan
  • Daily workout program via online guides
  • Daily nutrition guidance via food logging
  • Access to an exclusive community support group

As a Fit Access member, you also have access to exclusive deals from our partner establishments such as discounts on fitness workshops, meal subscription plans and free invites to upcoming health and fitness events - all because you are one of the #FAM!

How will this program help me reach my fitness goals?

We’ll help you learn and master the fundamentals of exercising and eating right, and work your body towards making healthier habits.

You will also benefit from the program by receiving a curated insight to the most effective exercise routines, valuable fitness guidance, and most importantly, tremendous support from our team of specialized coaches, nutritionists and goal specialists. We’ll work with you all throughout the program to help you become stronger and achieve your fitness goals!

I am a total beginner – Can I enroll in this program?

Absolutely! We created Fit Access for individuals of all ages and fitness levels. Whether you are a professional who have just started exercising, a fitness enthusiast who would like to take your fitness to another level, or an athlete looking to cross train – we’ll design a Fit Access program specially for you!

How do I sign up?

Fill up a registration form here - Answer a pre-consultation quiz, and choose a date for your first training session. One of our fitness curators will get in touch with you and schedule your program start date.


Where will the fitness coaching sessions take place?

Sessions can take place in the comforts of your own home (within Metro Manila), making it super convenient and accessible for you!

Who is my coach and Support Team?

At the start of your program, we assign you to a fitness coach who matches your location and schedule preferences. Your coach will be dedicated to regularly training with you and guiding you through the fitness program.

You will also be matched with a Support Team consisting of a goal specialist, nutritionist and program expert. This team will provide you personalized support based on your fitness needs and goals. They will also track your progress via the food and exercises that you log and weight changes.

Can I request for a specific coach?

Your fitness coach will be assigned to you based on your location and schedule preferences.Soon, you can book a session with our specialized or featured coaches – watch out for this feature in the coming months!

I am currently enrolled in a gym. Can we conduct our sessions there?

We shy away from conducting sessions at a membership-only fitness facility. However, if your local gym allows, we can definitely accommodate your request provided that gym fee for the coach is shouldered.

Can I invite a friend or buddy to our fitness coaching sessions?

As much as we believe in the saying “the more the merrier,” we keep our sessions one-on-one so we could devote all our attention to you! If you wish to invite a friend, please keep in mind that your coach may not be able to give them sufficient attention during the workout.

If you want to join with a group of 2 or more, let us know beforehand so we can plan your sessions accordingly.

How do you track my progress?

Your dedicated Support Team diligently monitor your diet and nutrition plan, fitness program and overall progress. Not only will you receive personal weekly check-ins from your fitness coach during your workout sessions, but you also get 24/7 access to our team of experts who dedicated to keep you motivated and make sure you’re on track!

What should I expect on my first session?

During your first session, your coach will conduct a fitness assessment to evaluate your current health and physical status. These may include vital sign measurements (height, weight, blood pressure), body composition testing, muscular strength and flexibility tests. After which, your coach will help you set measurable health goals, as well as discuss their recommended workout program with you.

I could not complete my remaining number of sessions - Can I carry them over to the next program cycle?

If you are subscribed to a 4-week program, all sessions must be completed within that period. Your diet and training programs are specially designed to address your fitness needs for one program cycle. We want you to be committed to your health goals - this is for you, after all! 😉


Are your nutrition plans able to accommodate special diets like vegan or keto?

Yes! We take note of any allergies and food preferences in creating your meal plan. We can also revise it according to your eating habits, so it that’s specially customized to you.

How do you track my diet?

Upon the start of your program, your will be enrolled in a special mobile application that will help us track your diet and food intake. From there, we will adjust your diets accordingly, or change it as your training or progress increases.

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