About FitAccess

What is Fitaccess

Think of Fit Access as your workout buddy who will help you enjoy getting fit and staying healthy! Fit Access lets you discover and visit different gyms and studios in Metro Manila, all in one place. With our pay-as-you-go service, you can book and buy passes to different classes ranging from an oh-so relaxing yoga class to a high intensity boxing class – no subscriptions or gym memberships required!

With Fit Access, you are free to direct your fitness journey because there is no monthly membership commitment!

Being a Fit Access member is FREE! All you have to do is sign up, load up your account, and use the credits to book your desired classes in just a single click!

Fit Access is dedicated to help you find your passion in fitness. Our platform aims to be the stepping stone for you to try out different kinds of workouts and help you discover what you truly enjoy doing.

Once you discover your true fitness love, we hope you fall deeper in love and become a regular! Until then, take advantage of Fit Access and let’s take a run together towards self-discovery!

Fit Access is your key to experience limitless workout options and all the group classes you can possibly think of. You can hop from one gym to the other at the time, date, and city of your choice, and attend as many classes as you like.*

As a Fit Access member, you may attend all available gyms and studios listed on our platform. Choose from different workout categories that suits your mood and matches your fitness level. Fitness studios are also filtered by schedule, location, and type of workout so booking is fast and convenient.

Most especially, we give you exclusive deals from our partner establishments such as discounts on membership packages, fitness workshops and free invites to upcoming health and fitness events - all because you are a Fit Access member!

Fit Access offers tons of activities from our partner studios. We have low-impact exercises such as yoga, quick exercises like circuit training, and fun ones like pole dancing and Zumba. Looking for a challenge? Sweat it out through boxing or Muay Thai. We even have shooting and archery lessons for all of you adventure seeking, trigger happy members!

The list is also updated every day so make sure to keep an eye out for new classes and studios! If you have a specific gym or activity that’s not on Fit Access, shoot us a message so we could work towards including them on the list for you.


Optimize your search by choosing a Date from the calendar, or using the Location or Studio search filters. Select your desired activity and click the "Book" button. Be reminded of any special requirements or instructions from the studio before attending the class.

Take note of your Booking Reference Number to be presented along with a Valid ID upon your entry.

Some classes are super popular and limited, so we recommend securing your slots a couple of days ahead.

*Please note that the same studio or gym may be visited up to 3 times per calendar month.

You are allowed up to 3 visits per studio in a calendar month. If you've maxed out your allowable visits, you will be able to re-visit your favorite studio again on the next calendar month.

You are allowed up to 3 visits per studio in a calendar month. If you've maxed out your allowable visits, you will be able to re-visit your favorite studio again on the next calendar month.

You will only be able to visit the studio up to 3 times across all its locations.

Bookings are non-transferable, so you will not be able to book a class for or on behalf of your friend. Booking reference numbers are unique to each member booking. You will also be required to show a valid ID upon entry at the studio.

If you cannot come to class, please cancel 2 DAYS before your scheduled booking. This is to give our partner establishments time to adjust accordingly and open the slot to other members.

To cancell your booking:

  • Go to your Profile;
  • Click on the Bookings tab;
  • Click on the CANCEL button beside the chosen class;
  • Confirm that you want to cancel the reservation.

Only cancellations made before the 2-day deadline will get a credit refund.


To book classes on the platform, you must top up your account with credits.

Pay conveniently via: Bank deposit (BDO), credit card or PayPal, and other over-the-counter channels via Dragonpay.

Once your payment has been verified, the paid amount will automatically be credited to your account. Afterwards, you may start to book and buy your classes!

You can apply the promo code to add credits to your account. Any promo code can be applied to your account only once.

To apply the promo code:

  • Click on Credits at the top of the page;
  • On the My Credits page, go to REWARDS;
  • Input the promo code and click CONTINUE;
  • A confirmation message will appear after successful redemption;
  • Credit amount will automatically be applied to your account.

Fit Access offers awesome deals only for you, our Fit Access members!

Get huge discounts to events, fitness workshops, and purchases from our partner health establishments!

Discounted memberships and packages are also available if you wish to have more sessions at your favorite gym or studio. This is redeemed directly at your chosen establishment.

Your Exclusive Deal voucher will be emailed to you immediately after your purchase. You will find a printable voucher attached to the email - print this and present to your chosen fitness gym or studio along with a valid ID.

Each voucher will contain a reference number. Some partner establishments may accept this in person even if you do not have a printed voucher. However, it's a good idea to bring the printed voucher because most establishments will require it.

The validity period of your purchased deal will start on the day of your registration and redemption at the gym or studio. Lastly, take note of the voucher expiration and terms of the deal so you can fully enjoy all the perks!

Our fitness partners are pure AWESOME! No, seriously, they are! But just to give you the low down, we partner with local gyms and studios so they could be recognized by equally awesome members like you and the rest of the fitness community. They’re also the best fitness providers so you’re ensured of an enjoyable and high-quality workout. Check out our growing list of partner studios under our menu page.

Easy peazy! Simply contact us at info@fitaccess.ph or (63)917-8421992 so that we could link up and send over more information. Why wait? Let’s get your establishment added on to our platform now!

The FitAccess Workout Program

Those who opt for the Basic Program get 4 personal coaching sessions and 4 fitness studio visits throughout the 4-week program. For those under our customized programs, the number of coaching and fitness studio visits are dependent on your coach’s recommendation.

We’re partnered with over 40 fitness establishments and are growing our list! Your coach will recommend the best studios for your program according to what’s most convenient for you. Click here to view a complete list of our partners.

You can benefit from the program by receiving valuable fitness guidance from our specialized coaches, exposure to a variety of workouts, community support and of course, the opportunity to become stronger and achieve your fitness goals.

Sessions can take place in the comforts of your own home or our office gym located in Taguig City - whichever works best for you!

We shy away from conducting sessions at a membership-only fitness facility. However, if your local gym allows we can definitely accommodate your request provided that gym fee for the coach is shouldered.

As much as we believe in the saying “the more the merrier,” we keep our sessions one-on-one so we could devote all our attention to you! If you wish to invite a friend, please keep in mind that your coach may not be able to give them sufficient attention during the workout.