About Fit Access

Fit Access curates for you only high quality fitness activities and gyms in and around Metro Manila! Refresh your workouts, try a new sport, chill out, or even discover a new hobby. Unlock your potential with Fit Access!

Our Mission

Fit Access is an exclusive platform created for health enthusiasts and fitness centres in the Philippines, which aims to bring together a dynamic community of Filipinos who share the same love for fitness. We seek to promote a variety of fitness activities, educate Filipinos on holistic fitness lifestyle, and act as support for local fitness establishments, making fitness accessible to everyone.

Our Vision

We envision Filipinos to see fitness as more than just exercise, but as a way of life. We are committed to improving the lives of Filipinos, by helping them achieve an ideal level health and fitness.

Our Team


Ia has always been a fitness enthusiast, having engaged in most sports since she was 15. She soon discovered her love for Taekwondo and pursued the sport by representing her schools in national competitions.She believes that just like in any martial art, self-discipline is one of the most important keys to winning and being successful.One of her life's ambitions is to inspire and motivate others to pursue an active lifestyle, value health and improve the quality of people's lives.


Nat is a graduate of the Bachelor of Science in Applied Economics, Certified IKSFA Level II Coach, and a current student of ACE for Personal Trainer certification. As a fitness enthusiast, Nat’s main activities include swimming, boxing, and Girevoy sport, a sport she is currently actively training for.To her it’s all about heart and passion. She is on the road to finding her greatness, exemplify heart and soul for her sport and fitness career in order to achieve her ultimate goal in life: TO INSPIRE.


Dennis is the tech wiz behind Fit Access. He is a passionate web developer always looking for interesting problems to solve and ways to innovate. He takes pride in developing Fit Access into an exceptional SaaS platform to provide the members a seamless booking and class experience. Dennis is also an advocate of healthy dieting and work-life balance.

Have more questions, suggestions or love notes? Shoot us an email at info@fitaccess.ph! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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